Install Games From First Semester Students

Students in Dr. Craven's introduction to programming class create video games as their final project. A selection of these games is now available for download! Click here to download and install the games! Or click here to see a video of last semester's games.

Games include:

AstroSmash! - Shoot incoming astroids. Higher levels include cruise missles and alien ships with guided bombs. (Note: hit a key to

Breakout - A twist on the old classic breakout game.

Energy - College blue spheres of energy while avoiding asteroids

Lucky Hopper - Guide a leprechaun to the other side of the screen by stepping on birds and clouds.

Minesweeper - The classic mine sweeper game.

Space shooter - Shoot the white aliens while avoiding the blue ones.

If you want to be able to create games like these, sign up for Dr. Craven's CmSc 150 class!